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We favor innovation and research, always in search of new paths for the evolution of the state of the art and differentiation in the market where we operate, enhancing the conquest of new markets.

Research & Development Projects

The construction of the pillars of innovation is also supported by the co-promotion of Research & Development projects, in partnership with the Entities of the Scientific and Technological System, vehicles for new knowledge and reinforcement of the Primor Group’s technical teams, through welcoming and integration of students / researchers.



This project aims to develop a new concept of food, in a nutritious meat ball, with a correct balance and nutritional quality, for consumers with a shortage of time for meals.


The MOBFOOD project aims to respond to challenges related to the promotion of a more competitive national food industry.



This project aims to optimize the production of heavy pig carcasses in a natural and zealous way without resorting to castration, in order to achieve new meat products without residues and high added value.


The COVERED project aims to create new meat products with physical-chemical protection by applying edible coatings and other active systems.


EXTRASLICED45 is a project that aims to increase PRIMOR’s innovation capacity in the range of extra-thin sliced products (EXTRASLICED) based on pork and poultry, taking advantage of the development of an active packaging that allows to extend the shelf life.


The Valor Integrador Project aims to establish an integrated valorization of by-products from various food industries, rich in proteins or polysaccharides, developing a shared process approach.


The goal of the Primor AP project is to increase the shelf life of these delicatessen products to between double and triple.