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Duroc Breed Products

A tender, juicy meat
with a balanced level of salt and fat


Bacon Extra Primor

Bacon Extra Primor has been selected as “Consumer Choice”
for the 8th consecutive year. Thank you all for your trust!


Reinvent your day

Chef Nuno Inverneiro helps you to reinvent
your day with Primor Charcutaria

Primor Charcutaria

Start your day with simple things. Primor Charcutaria is here to accompany you.

Discover Primor Charcutaria

Primor Recipes

With the help of Chef Nuno Inverneiro and the best products, we promise to make your mouth water with Primor recipes: easy, fast and very tasty!

Surprise yourself with Primor recipes

Primor Challenges

We reinvent your day at the table and out!
Pay attention and participate, Primor Charcutaria
has always new challenge and prizes for you.

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