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Specialists in Charcuterie

We have the best products to enhance your meals. Discover all our ranges here.

Sandwich Range

Bread is man’s best friend. For us, that was how it should be said. And we have the best slices of bacon, chorizo, ham, bologna and “paio” to taste it. Try it too!

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Chef Range

Cooking is an art. Enjoy each meal as well. A range that combines convenience and flavor, so you can spend more time at the table, celebrating each meeting.

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Balance Range

The taste and health can go hand in hand and the proof of this is a range specially developed to enjoy without guilt.

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Classic Range

Because our history is made up of stories, a range that brings the flavors of the past to the table. Prepared according to tradition and with the same passion as always.

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Gama Deli

Let yourself be surprised by the taste of elegance. An irreverent and delicate range, for memorable gastronomic experiences.

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