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1. Commitment to Privacy and Protection of Personal Data

Primor Charcutaria-Prima, S.A. – hereinafter referred to as Primor Charcutaria, a company of Grupo Primor, SA – is committed and committed to comply with the legislation on the protection of personal data, privacy and information security, in order to protect the personal data and the privacy of the users with respect to the personal data collected and / or transmitted online when using this site.

Please read the following text to understand and be aware of how your personal data will be handled by Primor Charcutaria.

This site may also include links to other sites whose privacy practices are different from those of Primor Charcutaria. If you submit your personal data to any of these sites, your personal data will be governed by the privacy policies of those sites.


2. About Us

Primor Charcutaria, with more than half a century of history, is the oldest company of the Primor Group and is dedicated to the transformation of pork and poultry into charcuterie. Primor combines strong know-how in the area, with a constant search for innovation, which is the strategic basis and the engine of the company’s growth. Primor favors permanent contact with the academic and scientific-technological world. Participation in research and accommodation projects by universities and students is part of the day-to-day business. Committed to offering quality and practicality, Primor Charcutaria presents a diversified portfolio and an active and dynamic posture, supported by the continuous launch of innovative products.


3. Collection and Processing of Personal Data

The personal data that are collected are those necessary to ensure the identity of the user, and the provision of such data is done by completing the fields of the form provided so that the user can request the sending of the information intended.

Your navigation through the Primor Charcutaria sites may also be monitored for statistical purposes as well as, for advertising purposes, namely targeted advertising.

Primor Charcutaria also collects information about your computer hardware and software. This information may include your IP address, browser type, domain names, access times / usage time of this site, content viewed and addresses of referral sites.

The categories of personal data that are subject to treatment by Primor Charcutaria for the purposes referred to in this Policy are as follows:


Phone number;
IP address;
Type of browser used;
Access time to the  Primor Charcutaria website;


4. Use and Purposes of Personal Data Collected

Your personal data is collected and necessary to ensure the identity of the user, and the provision of the data requested at the time of filling out the forms is mandatory so that the user can receive the information that he later wishes to receive.

The operations of providing personal data are adequately protected. All information is encrypted and managed with the most advanced security tools.

In addition to the above purposes, Primor Charcutaria may also use your personal data to maintain the quality of services available and to obtain general statistics regarding the use of this site. For these purposes, Primor combines the collected data automatically with personal data, such as the name and email address.

We use your personal data to ensure that the Primor website is tailored to your needs, as well as to:

  • improve the site to ensure that content is presented in the most effective way for users;
  • analyze the use of the site in order to obtain general statistics of use for the purpose of monitoring trends, marketing and advertising;
  • keep the Primor Charcutaria site safe and secure.

Primor Charcutaria may also use your personal data in connection with the services it makes available, in particular, to:

  • Provide, execute and maintain services;
  • The compilation of statistics that allow us to understand how Primor Charcutaria can improve the level of services it provides and, in this way, respond more effectively to users’ expectations.
  • Your personal data may also be used by Primor Charcutaria to communicate with you about products, services, offers, promotions and events that Primor Charcutaria believes to be of interest to you and for sending newsletters, according to your preferences defined in that scope. However, the user may disable the sending of such communications by Primor Charcutaria at any time, activating the option available to him in each newsletter received to interrupt the subscription of the newsletter in question, or by sending an email to or to the address of Primor Charcutaria headquarters.

As stated above, Primor assumes the challenge and responsibility to protect as much as possible the privacy and personal data of all users to this site.

Under the terms and for the above purposes, Primor Charcutaria may contact you for the following reasons:

  • With respect to any online service or content that you subscribe to on this site, to ensure that Primor Charcutaria can provide the services in question, for example, to verify your email.
  • To invite you to participate in surveys of Primor Charcutaria services (participation will always be voluntary);
  • For marketing purposes, as indicated below.
  • Primor Charcutaria will only send marketing communications to you or will contact you for that purpose when you have given your consent.

Primor Charcutaria will not sell, rent, share or offer the personal data provided by its users, except in accordance with the applicable personal data protection legislation and in the situations set forth in this Privacy Policy.

5. Licitate of the Treatment of Personal Data

All personal data processing carried out by Primor Charcutaria is lawful and legally based, either (i) on the basis of your consent to the processing of the personal data concerned for the purposes in question; (ii) because the processing in question is necessary for the execution of a contract in which the user, as the holder of the personal data, is a party, or for pre-contractual arrangements at the request of the holder of the personal data concerned; or (iii) because the treatment is necessary for the fulfillment of a legal obligation to which ICM Pork is subject; (iv) because the treatment is necessary for the legitimate interests pursued by Primor Charcutaria  as the controller or by third parties.


6. Retention of Personal Data

Primor Charcutaria will retain your personal data while your registration is active or as necessary for the relevant activity, that is, as long as it is necessary to provide you with the services subscribed to Primor Charcutaria (and without prejudice to any legal obligation requiring the retention of the personal data strictly necessary beyond those periods of conservation).

If you want to change your personal data or request that they no longer be processed by Primor Charcutaria, you can contact us through the following email:

Primor Charcutaria is solely responsible for the collection of personal data made on this site. Whenever the user terminates the use of the services offered by Primor Charcutaria, it does not assume any responsibility for the information collected outside the respective web pages.


7. Cookies and Advertising Policy

What are cookies and how does Primor Charcutaria use them?

A cookie is a small informational file that is installed on the user’s browser and stored on their computer when they visit a site. Cookies are typically used to improve the site user experience and website performance.

Primor Charcutaria uses cookies to collect and store information while using this site. Each user corresponds to an individual cookie, thus ensuring the privacy and security of the data.

Cookies will only be used by Primor and its use is limited to the following purposes:

  • To allow Primor to know who the user is, storing the details of the same, and thus provide a better, safer and personalized service;
  • To allow Primor to estimate the levels of use of the services it makes available through this site, by collecting and preparing statistics to optimize the functionality of this site. The presentation of the statistical data is done in an aggregated form and not individual, not allowing the identification of the user. In this way, it is possible to evaluate the performance of the site in a perspective of constant updating and improvement, so that it can correspond to the preferences and necessities of each user.


8. How can you manage your cookies?

The user of this site may manage their cookies in the terms described below, however, some or all of the features may not work correctly if the user does not allow a certain minimum level of cookies, affecting the navigation of this site and, possibly, the level of quality of services provided.

The different browsers (browsers) allow you to view the cookies that exist in your equipment and to inhibit or erase, individually or totally, the cookies.

To get more information about cookies, how to use them and how to manage your preferences about cookies, you can consult the specific help pages of the different browsers (browsers) or generic pages on this topic, for example:
Internet Explorer
Mozzila Firefox


9. Security of your Personal Information

Primor Charcutaria takes all necessary and legally required precautions to ensure the protection of the information collected from its users, taking into account the state of the art, implementation / implementation costs and the nature, scope, context and purpose of treatment as well as such as the risks of probability and severity, for your personal data. To that end, Primor applies the technical and organizational measures necessary to ensure a level of safety appropriate to the actual risk involved. These precautions aim to ensure online and offline security of this information.

Whenever personal information is collected or used that appears to be particularly sensitive, the data will be encrypted via SSL protocol.

Under the 128-bit SSL (Security Sockets Layer) protocol, which protects the transmission of all sensitive data over the Internet, all information is handled with maximum security. Your privacy is assured and the risk of data interception during communication is reduced significantly or completely.


10. Your Rights as a Data Owner under the RGPD

Under the terms of the RGPD, as holder of personal data and in relation to the personal data being processed by Primor Charcutaria, the user has the following rights, to exercise under the terms of the RGPD and other legislation regarding personal data that is applicable:


The right of access to your personal data;
The right to rectify your personal data;
The right to erase your personal data;
The right to limit the processing of your personal data;
The right of portability of personal data provided by them;
The right to object to the processing of personal data concerning you;
The right not to be subject to any decision made solely on the basis of automated processing.

Primor Charcutaria shall endeavor to ensure that it is appropriate, in accordance with applicable law, to supply, correct or delete any personal data which may be processed by Primor.

In order to exercise these rights, as the holder of the personal data in question, you may contact Primor Charcutaria through the following email address or email address:

If such requests are manifestly unfounded or excessive, in particular because of their repetitive nature, Primor Charcutaria may:

  • Require the holder of personal data to pay a reasonable fee, taking into account the administrative costs of providing the information or communication or taking the requested action; or
  • Refuse to comply with the request.
  • When processing is based on your consent, you have the right to withdraw your consent at any time without compromising the legality of the treatment given by Primor Charcutaria to your personal data based on the consent previously given.

The user also has, in any case, the right to submit a complaint to a control authority, whose role is in Portugal, to the National Data Protection Commission, with headquarters at Rua de São Bento, nº 148, 3º, 1200 -821 Lisbon, Portugal.

In the context of the conditions of use of this site and all its services, the user undertakes to provide and keep updated and true all his personal data.


11. Changes to the Privacy Policy

This Policy may be updated over time, so it is advisable to consult this Policy whenever you provide personal data.

If you do not agree to any changes made to this Policy, we request you not to continue to use the Primor Charcutaria sites to submit or otherwise submit your personal data.


12. Contacts

For the exercise of the rights of the holders of personal data mentioned above, or for any other question related to the protection of your personal data, privacy or information security, you may contact Primor Charcutaria through the following email describing the subject in summary form and indicating an email address, a telephone number or address for response by this company.

For information, the general contacts of Primor Charcutaria are the constant and accessible in